Covid-19 FAQ

1. Is the center still open?

Our center is currently closed and all our lessons are being held online.

2. When will the center reopen?

We are following the Santa Clara County guidelines, and our center's reopening depends on when businesses are allowed to open. Safety is our priority.

3. What are safety protocols that the center will be using when you reopen?

We will follow all guidelines to ensure that our students, teachers and staff are safe in our center. We will be taking extra precautions by having hand sanitizer on both the first and second floor. Initially, we plan to only have only one entrance door open to make sure we can take everyone's temperature upon entry. We will be using no touch thermometers to make sure that there is no skin contact with all the people entering the premises. We will update the safety measures we will be taking as the reopening date is closer. 

4. If I don't feel safe coming back to the center in person, can I continue with online lessons?

Yes, if you don't feel comfortable coming in to the center, we will not require you to, and you can continue with online lessons until you feel comfortable coming in person.

5. How do you plan on having recitals now that the number of people should be limited in one location?

We canceled our spring recital, and our next recital is not until November. We will definitely be following Santa Clara County's safety protocols in ensuring that any gathering with a large number of people are deemed safe and won't cause any harm to our students, teachers and staff.

    We will keep updating everyone through email as we get closer to our reopening date.