About Us


Meet Ms. Trisha

  Trisha has always been passionate about music, even as a child. She learned how to play the piano at the age of 7 years old. Trisha’s piano teacher, Esterlinda Dizon, encouraged her to teach after she graduated from high school. Trisha has been teaching ever since, and has been teaching for more than 20 years. Trisha loves to work with students of all ages and all levels, but she particularly loves to work with young beginner children. She also specializes and enjoys teaching group keyboard classes. Trisha loves to perform with her students, and she often plays duets with them.



During her early teaching years, Trisha got her certification to teach Music for Young Children® and she taught this curricular group class for 3 years. Trisha received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and her Bachelor of Music in Music Education from San Jose State University. She also had the privilege of studying piano under Dr. Gwendolyn Mok at SJSU.



Trisha is an active member of the Music Teachers Association of California®. Her students are often chosen for Branch Honors Recital as well as the Convention when they enter MTAC’s Certificate of Merit exam. Besides Classical Music, Trisha also loves Latin Jazz and other genres of music. Trisha played for the Latin Jazz ensemble while she was in SJSU. She was also an accompanist for various vocal students. Trisha loves to share her passion of music with her students, which led her to become the proud owner of Norcal Music & Arts Center on December of 2016. Trisha is dedicated to providing high quality music education to students of all ages and her lifelong dream to build a community of people who love to create, perform and appreciate music. Besides teaching music, Trisha enjoys spending time with family, traveling and keeping physically fit. She enjoys cooking and making crafts with her son, Kyle (watch them on our YouTube page).


Meet Ms. Mary


Mary DeLeon is the manager and co-owner of NorCal Music and Arts Center. She was a magna cum laude graduate of San Jose State University under the Liberal Studies Program for Teacher Preparation. She was in early childhood education for many years until she became partner and co-owner of NCMAC in June 2017. 

Mary believes in education as a life-long journey and that students, both young and old, have the capacity to learn in their own unique ways. She encourages all students to pursue their passions and to always have a sense of wonder about the world. She strives to live life creatively and beautifully, and hopes to inspire all those around her to do the same. 


In her spare time, Mary loves to garden and tend to her many indoor plants. She enjoys working on home design and décor projects. She loves nature and is striving to be kinder to the earth and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. She is also an accomplished kazoo player, jingle bell and maraca shaker, and triangle player.


Our Story

  As young kids, Trisha and Mary have always loved to play together. They used to pretend to play school and take turns being student and teacher. As the years went by, they dreamed of owning a school or business to educate youngsters in an artistic and musical way. In December of 2016, their dreams came true as they became the proud owners of NorCal Music & Arts Center. 

Their big opportunity came in 2016. At this point, Trisha had been teaching piano privately in her home studio for over 18 years. Running a large center would be quite a big change, but Trisha felt a connection and a spark within that told her the center was hers.



Armed with determination, Trisha sought out the opportunity. She immediately talked to her sister, Mary, and discussed the possibility of forming a partnership in a business that they can run together- just like how they used to when they would play. 

The time came to meet the previous owner and to check out the center. Trisha instantly fell in love with it. Trisha’s vision was to create a community, to grow a place where everyone is welcome to learn music and art. The seller loved Trisha’s proposal to build off all the good things that the school already had, but also to expand by adding enriching programs.



As life would have it, during the busiest time of the whole process, Trisha found out she was pregnant. It took 6 months before the business could be officially transferred and entailed a dizzying amount of paperwork and tasks. At last, all the official documents were ready, and the business was ready to be transferred on December 1, 2016. 

With the previous owner’s guidance, Trisha learned the ins and outs of running a center- a much different beast than a home studio. As a saving grace, Trisha’s mom, Millet, came to the rescue and was a vital part of the school’s survival within the first 6 months.


  In June of 2017, the next addition came to NCMAC. Mary ended her school year as a preschool teacher and came to NCMAC as Trisha’s co-owner and second saving grace. Mary was able to work her magic and made lots of improvements. 

To this day, Trisha and Mary still face many struggles that come along with owning a small business. But in their hearts they know they made the right decision when they see students succeed, when people walk in with smiles on their faces, or when teachers express their gratitude. Trisha and Mary’s journey is a labor of love. They believe that every parent, student, staff member, and teacher who walks into their door is a part of their extended family, and they love that they can share their passion of sharing music and arts in a warm and friendly atmosphere. What they learned so far in their journey is to follow your dream, to take a leap of faith. So now, Trisha and Mary can forever play together and run a school. We hope you’ll all play along with us.